Book A Tee Time

General Play

The online tee booking system is accessible from the MY GOLF tab by clicking here and is the best way to get a game by adding your name alongside others in blank tee slots. You can also download the Members' Booking App, which will soon be available from the iPhone or Android online stores. Most members are more than willing for people to join them. If you want to check their handicap you can look it up under the COMPETITIONS tab or by clicking here. Once you have added your name to a tee time, you and any playing partner will receive a confirmation email.

If you have not booked a time and are at the club looking for a game and see people on the 1st tee with a spare slot ask if you can join them, alternatively pop in to the Pro Shop and see if they can allocate you a slot.

Muswell Hill Golf Club prides itself on being a friendly club so put it to the test and ask people if you can join them. Most members are receptive to people joining them because they appreciate that it is difficult for new members to get a game and they were also new members once upon a time.

How Do I Download The Members' Booking App?

Information about the new app coming soon.

How Far In Advance Can I Book?

All playing members may book up to 10 days in advance except for Lifestyle and Academy who may do so 8 days in advance. For your information, visitors can only book 7 days in advance.

Are There Any Time Restrictions When I Can Play?

All members can play at any time Monday to Friday. There are restrictions at weekends for Lifestyle and Academy members, please refer to the Lifestyle and Academy FAQ documents under the INFORMATION tab. Please refer to Club Bye Law 6.6, under the INFORMATION tab for Junior playing time restrictions.  

How Many Guests Can I Book?

Mondays to Fridays you may sign in up to 3 guests at any time. On weekends, you may sign in 1 guest before 1:30 pm and 3 guests thereafter. Please note that you may sign in 6 guests in your first year of membership and for subsequent years you may sign in as many guests as you wish provided that no one guest is signed in as a guest at the Club more than 6 times per year. 

I Need To Cancel/Change My Tee Time

We appreciate that there may be certain instances that mean you are unable to take up your tee time at the last minute, however for all other circumstances not giving due notice deprives other members of a tee slot or a playing partner and also potentially deprives the club of green fee revenues.

I Have Blocked Off Tee Slots With Additional Guests And Non-Specific Others

We remind members not to block tee slots when they make their own bookings (unless playing in a competition where there is a maximum 3-ball restriction) as this practice potentially deprives other members of a tee slot. We ask that members refrain from making bookings using anything other than names of members who intend to play, or that of the permitted number of guests at any time. 2-ball matches should be booked so that the match is clear. Any such bookings may be amended.

Get A Game

Looking for a game? Why not join one of the roll ups. More information here.


Types of Competitions

  • Medal - You count all of your shots from tee to hole. You add everything up for a gross score and subtract your handicap for a net score.
  • Stableford - You have a shot allowance per hole depending upon your handicap. A handicap of 5 would have one shot on holes of stroke index 1 to 5; a handicap of 26 would have one shot on every hole and another shot on holes of stroke index 1 to 8. You subtract your shot allowance from your gross score and score points as follows; a net par is 2 points, a net birdie 3 points, a net bogey 1 point, a net double bogey and worse is zero points.
  • Foursomes - You play with a partner. One of you drives the even holes and one drives the odd holes.  You then alternate shots with each other.
  • Greensomes - Again, you play with a partner. You both drive and choose which drive to play and then alternate shots with each other.
  • Four Ball Better Ball - With a partner but play as individuals.The best score on each hole counts.
  • Match Play - You play an opponent. Shots are given relating to handicap difference. Holes are won, halved or lost. The match is over when one player is ahead by more holes than are left.

What Competitions Can I Enter?

Click here to view the competition playing rights table.

What Are The Club's Competition Rules?

Please refer to the current competition bye-laws under the INFORMATION tab by clicking here.

How Do I Enter Stroke Play Competitions?

Most stroke play competitions are entered in the Pro Shop before commencing play and we highly recommend that you book a tee time beforehand to avoid disappointment. Most weekend competitions are played in 3 balls and you should block off the 4th slot in your tee time so that others know you are playing in the competition. This does not apply to 4 ball formats such as foursomes and better ball competitions. There will be competitions throughout the year where you will be required to sign up beforehand and we will keep you informed via email/website when these events will be taking place.

  • Men - Sign up in the Pro shop. Pay £2 entrance fee, £2 optional sweep and £2 optional sweep for the 2’s club. Enter your score via the touch screen in the main entrance and place your completed card through the Office letterbox
  • Ladies - Sign up in the Pro shop, entrance fee £2. Enter your score via the touch screen in the main entrance and place your completed card through the Office letterbox
  • Both -  Please ensure that your card has the competition name, your name, the date and your handicap clearly marked, AND is signed by both yourself and a marker. Please note that you and your marker have to agree the score on each hole, and if you sign to an incorrect score or the card is filled in incorrectly you will be disqualified.

How Do I Enter Match Play Competitions?

Match play competitions are entered in the Pro Shop upon payment of the entry fee (and sweep money if applicable) and by the closing date. These competitions will be publicised well in advance via email, website and notice boards.

Keep an eye on the notice boards to see who you have to play and by when. If you do not play by the last date scheduled for the tie or if you do not enter the result on the tie sheet by this date, you may both be disqualified. Check the Competition Bye-Laws for full details.

What If I Need To Withdraw From A Competition?

In the case of organised events, failure to give at least 24-hours’ notice causes inconvenience for the organisers, caterer and for those golfers left without a full complement of partners and will result in the full event charge being levied on the member’s club card. On all other occasions we invite members who fail to give 24 hours’ notice of a tee cancellation (i.e. by removing their name from the tee slot) or change of tee time to contribute £5 to the Captains’ charities (£10 if no notice is given at all). We have asked the Pro Shop and Office to monitor this but ultimately we rely upon the courtesy of our members.

Where Can I View Competition Results?

These can be viewed here or on the various notice boards in the Clubhouse (men's results can be found in a folder below the notice board in the men's locker rooms).

Other Competitions

In addition, there are a number of fun competitions through the year that you usually sign up for on the notice board in the lounge, such as:

Ireland vs Rest of World - one of the highlights of the club year played on Saturday closest to St Patrick’s Day (17 March). There is also a dinner in the evening with live music. Details will be publicised around the Clubhouse nearer the time.

Captains' Charity Day - Usually a Cross Country Texas Scramble where the course is set up in an unusual manner such that holes are played “across country”, e.g. 2nd tee to 3rd green. Details will be publicised around the Clubhouse nearer the time.

Divoteer’s Cleek - Texas Scramble usually on Good Friday, each team fills divots prior to the competition, which is important in helping the Green’s staff set up the course for the summer. Details will be publicised around the Clubhouse nearer the time.

Professional’s Day - A four ball better ball competition organised by the Head Professional and held on a Saturday. Details will be publicised around the Clubhouse nearer the time.