The following areas of the course are available for practice and members are requested to confine their practice to these areas to protect the fairways and greens from excessive damage. The shed by the 18th green is for the Professional and his staff to give lessons and is not for general use by members.

Putting Green

In front of the club house and is intended for putting and short chipping and should not be used for pitching practice to avoid creating pitch marks on the green or divots on the fringes.

Short Game Area

Adjacent to 18th green is intended for chipping and pitching practice. There is also a bunker that can be used for practice. Practice should be from within the boundaries of the short game area and balls should not be played into the area from outside of it. Please repair any pitch marks on the green.

Warm Up Nets

Located the other side of the ditch from the putting green primarily intended for players to warm up before a game.

On Course Practice Areas

Because we have limited space for long game practice, certain areas on the course have been designated as practice areas. The main area is from the practice tee on the 17th hole and others are listed on the notice boards in the clubhouse. We need to limit practice to these areas to avoid damaging other areas of the course. The Green’s staff know that these areas are used for practice and can maintain them, if required. When using these areas players should defer to golfers and/or the Professional and his staff. Please ensure that golf balls used for Practice are marked so they are easily distinguishable from golf balls used in normal play, e.g. marked large coloured stripes or big coloured spots.