Essential if you want to participate in club competitions. All members are required to submit at least 3 cards a year to retain a competition handicap.

How Do I Get A Handicap?

If you do not have an existing handicap recognised by CONGU, you will need to produce three cards played at Muswell Hill Golf Club in order to be allocated your initial handicap, signed by a member with a current handicap of this or another club. Combinations of 18 or 9 hole cards are accepted but we do require a total of 3 “full cards” (i.e. 54 holes).

Count all your shots and note that handicaps are not assessed on the gross score so if you have a couple of disastrous holes do not give up because these holes are effectively ignored when considering a handicap, e.g. a card with a Gross Score of say 105 with two 10s on the card could still result in a handicap of 26 to 28 being awarded. 

Hand your cards into the club office and you will be allocated a handicap within a few days, you will be told when this happens.  Please ensure that your name is clearly marked, the card is dated, and that both you and your marker agree the scores and have signed the card.  Please indicate the tees used, but men cannot use the white tees until they have a handicap.

I Don’t Know Anyone At The Club Who Can Sign A Card For Me?

There are various roll ups at the Club where you will get the opportunity to meet plenty of members, who will be more than happy to sign a card for handicap. If you are struggling to make the roll up times, please contact the Office who will endeavour to arrange a suitable date/time for someone to play with and sign your card.

How Do I Change My Handicap?

If you enter handicap qualifying competitions, medals and stablefords, your handicap will be adjusted automatically.  You may also submit supplementary cards but you must sign up in the Pro Shop prior to playing, mark the card ‘Supplementary Card’ and ensure it is signed by you and the marker (who must have an official handicap), dated, indicates the tee used, and hand into the office.

Where Can I Check My Handicap?

This can be viewed in Handicap Certificate under the My Golf tab, on the competition entry touch screen or on the various notice boards in the Clubhouse.

Where Can I Get A Handicap Certificate?

You can print your own handicap certificate by going to Handicap Certificate under the My Golf tab or contact the Office on 020 8888 1764 or email and we can send one via email.